Clifton Private Tutors matches experienced teachers with students ready to realise their potential. From 11+ preparation to GCSE and A-Level support, we boost confidence and bridge the gap between where students are now and where they are meant to be.

Our son has been tutored over the last two years by Ben. We found Ben to be brilliantly organised, with timely communication and incredible insights. Ben regularly makes great suggestions to ensure our son continues to make big leaps in his academic pursuit. Simply effective and a pleasure to work with.

Parent of S, Year 6, London

Mr Henry is an outstanding teacher who always finds a way to make tuition more interesting. He makes sure to go above and beyond to familiarise himself with the topics I am covering.

Z, Year 10, Singapore

Ben has been an amazing tutor and mentor for our son. As a children’s author, Ben’s passion for writing comes through in his teaching, with his ability to combine the technical elements and rules of writing with his ability to instil creativity and encourage learners to articulate their thoughts in words. Our son has seen a significant improvement in his ability and love for writing and is constantly looking forward to his weekly sessions in English and Mathematics.

Parent of A, Year 6, London

It is so hard to sum up everything that Ben brings into lessons with J, but for our 13-year-old, Ben's lessons have become a weekly treat. He brings magic to our home every week. He is an incredible, passionate teacher, who loves his subject. Is Ben engaging? Yes. Motivating? Yes. Great communicator and adaptable? Yes. However, more than anything, Ben cares.

Parent of J, Year 8, London

About CPT

since 2023

After six years of teaching in London and five in Singapore, Ben Henry founded Clifton Private Tutors in Bristol to connect top tutors with families keen to discover what their children are capable of. Our tutors are available for in-person support in Bristol and online support around the world.


Our Vision

Tuition grows ever more popular as families seek 1:1 support to help their child progress in a manner not possible in a classroom environment. At Clifton Private Tutors, we believe that engaging students is the key to their learning. Success is measured not only through academic progress, but on how eager our students are to learn more.

Why CPT?

Our Tutors

Families sign up to Clifton Private Tutors because they expect the best for their child; all of our tutors are experienced, qualified teachers, passionate about their subject area, and DBS checked. We build confidence, bridge gaps and prepare our students for an increasingly competitive world. Sessions are available online and in person.

Jacqui has been teaching primary aged children for over ten years in a variety of schools across Bristol as well as two years in Singapore. Having recently had a baby girl, Jacqui is currently working part time in a lovely school in South Bristol.

Primary - KS1 & KS2

Phil has been in international education for nine years, with five of these as Head of Mathematics at an international school in Singapore. He is celebrating the recent arrival of his second daughter and enjoys exploring city parks with the eldest.

Mathematics - GCSE & A-Level

Following the TeachFirst route into education, Fabiola worked as a Lead Practitioner in Spain, specialising in GCSE and A-Level. Fabiola is passionate about education access and currently works on the careers education strategy for leading education charity, Ark.

English - GCSE & A-Level

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Are you looking to build confidence in KS1 or KS2, prepare your child for the 11+, boost their understanding of the core subjects or prepare them for university? There’s an expert waiting for you at Clifton Private Tutors; whether you are looking for Bristol tutors or tutors based around the world, get in touch below.

KS1 & KS2 Support




KS1 & KS2

As children progress through primary school they start to view themselves as sporty or artistic, creative or funny; or perhaps all of the above. In these formative years, we can guide children to see themselves as learners.


Our Bristol tutors and teachers located around the world prepare students for tests in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Students typically start in Year 4 or 5, with the focus initially on identifying target areas and then moving into practice tests.

GCSEs & A-Levels

GCSE and A-Level choices do not always reflect a student’s strengths. At Clifton Private Tutors, we match teachers passionate about their subjects with students who either need a boost in confidence or are ready to push themselves to the top.

What makes a child resilient?

What makes a child resilient?

Over the past three years, no quality has been put to the test so thoroughly as resilience. When our carefully constructed worlds are shaken like an Etch A Sketch, do we adjust and recalibrate, do we make do with what we have and practice gratitude, or do we crumble?

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How to develop confidence in children

How to develop confidence in children

Confidence does not mean being loud. In our aversion to the label ‘shy’, we sometimes mistake confidence with attention-seeking behaviours, expecting children to beat their peers to the front of the line and have their hand up to answer every question in class. Confident children are not always the centre of attention. A confident child joins the conversation or volunteers to do the activity because they know it’s okay to make mistakes. So how can we help to nurture this confidence?

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